Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finishing Up!

These are some of the final custom orders I've been finishing up... I have one more pair to go!  

On a serious note... if you are a crafter or sewer! 
Please make sure to read ALL instructions on any fabric glues or chemicals before attempting to use them!  I say this in all seriousness!  The other night I was trying to open my Fray-Check and the bottle exploded and some of the glue splashed in my eye (not to mention on my sewing table, project and other things!).  I immediately rushed to the sink and flushed my eye out... and when I called the eye clinic just to see if they thought it was something I needed checked out - they didn't hesitate to tell me to RUSH over to their office.  Luckily, after some thorough examination, my eye is fine.  The doctor found a little bit on my lower lid, but was able to get it out (said I must've done a good job on my own flushing  my eye out) - and there seems to be no damage.  I didn't ever realize that the packaging said WEAR PROTECTIVE EYE WEAR.  After what happened to me, I definitely will heed those instructions and read any new instructions on future products!  The chemicals in that glue are especially nasty!!

Happy sewing!

Friday, November 9, 2012

I have been so blessed to have continuous orders coming in!
It's definitely helping with the Christmas fund!

More George...

I just love these!